RMarkdown: Print a code chunk "as is"

Code chunks

In order to print a code chunk as is, you need to use two tricks:

  • break the chunk syntax by adding an empty string as inline R code to the chunk header.
  • indent the code chunk with 4 spaces.

Using only the first trick mentioned:

{r eval=TRUE} n = 10 rnorm(x)

Now we also indent the code-chunk by 4 spaces because we want to show it in a preformatted block in the HTML output. The results is:

```{r eval=TRUE}
n = 10

Inline Code

Not executed inline code can be obtained by putting r knitr::inline_expr(‘1+1’) between ticks: r 1+1.

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My research interests include panel data, panel data attrition, missing data, causal inference, policy evaluation, response based sampling and reproducible research using R and Stata.